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Calgary’s Thriving Townhouse Market: A Glimpse into the Future and the Charms of SW Calgary


Elkwood townhomes

Calgary, the heart of Alberta, has always been a buzzing hive of activity when it comes to real estate. In recent times, a specific segment of the market has seen a significant upswing: townhouses. With keywords like “townhouse for sale Calgary” and “new townhomes Calgary” witnessing a surge in search trends, there’s no doubt that potential homeowners are eyeing this property type with growing interest.

Why the Sudden Popularity?

The townhouse, which often offers a blend of urban luxury and suburban space, is becoming the go-to choice for many. These properties serve as a bridge between sprawling suburban homes and compact city apartments. Calgary, known for its scenic views and rapidly growing urban structure, provides the perfect backdrop for these new townhomes.

The popularity of Calgary’s real estate has been influenced by a myriad of factors over the years. Here’s an overview of why the Calgary real estate market has gained such a significant foothold:

  1. Economic Growth: Historically, Calgary has been at the center of Canada’s energy sector, particularly oil and gas. This brought significant economic prosperity to the region, leading to job creation and a booming population. A thriving economy typically translates to a robust real estate market, as people move to the area for job opportunities.
  2. Affordability: In comparison to cities like Vancouver and Toronto, Calgary offers more affordable housing options. This cost-effectiveness attracts a range of buyers, from first-time homeowners to investors.
  3. Lifestyle & Amenities: Calgary is strategically located close to the Rocky Mountains, providing residents with a unique blend of urban living and easy access to nature, especially for recreational activities like skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. The city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with festivals, theatres, and a burgeoning culinary landscape.
  4. Infrastructure Development: Over the years, Calgary has seen substantial investments in infrastructure. The development of public transit, roadways, and other essential services has made living in the city convenient and attractive to potential homeowners.
  5. Population Growth: The combination of economic opportunities and a high standard of living has led to consistent population growth. As more people move to the city, the demand for housing naturally increases.
  6. Diverse Real Estate Options: From downtown condos and apartments to sprawling suburban homes and townhouses, Calgary offers a variety of housing options that cater to diverse needs and budgets.
  7. Educational Institutions: Calgary is home to several renowned educational institutions, attracting both domestic and international students. This student population often necessitates rental housing, buoying the real estate market further.
  8. Future Potential: Investors and homebuyers often look at cities with future growth potential. With Calgary’s continuous efforts to diversify its economy beyond oil and gas and its openness to innovation and technology sectors, many see it as a city poised for future growth.
  9. Safety and Quality of Life: Calgary consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in Canada. Coupled with excellent healthcare, public services, and a sense of community, it presents an appealing option for families and individuals seeking a high quality of life.


The synergy of economic opportunities, lifestyle benefits, and a proactive approach to city development has positioned Calgary as a hotspot in the Canadian real estate landscape.

The most demanded SW Calgary

Southwest Calgary is not just an urbanite’s dream but also a nature lover’s paradise. The region is peppered with green spaces, parks, and recreational areas that add to the appeal of living in a townhome here. The famous Weaselhead Natural Area is a testament to Calgary’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. This pristine park offers hiking trails, bird-watching opportunities, and a chance to disconnect from urban life momentarily.

Fish Creek Provincial Park, one of the largest urban parks in Canada, stretches across the southern part of Calgary, further cementing SW Calgary’s reputation as a haven for those seeking a mix of city and nature.

Introducing: Aspen Spring Estates

What better time than the first week of 2022 to introduce a new home community – a community destined to become the Calgary Estate Home Community of Choice for 2022?
Meet Aspen Spring Estates.

Situated in Springbank Hill beside beautiful Mystic Ridge Estates and backing onto an environmental reserve and pond, Aspen Spring Estates enjoys an ideal location. But don’t just take it from us. Listen to the locals (1.20s):


6 Top Reasons to Choose a New Home in Aspen Spring Estates:


1. A New Home Community Surrounded by Nature & Pathways


It is hard to think of another estate home community with more natural beauty on its doorstep than Aspen Spring Estates in Springbank Hill. The community features kilometers of paved interconnected pathways that wind past ridges and an abundance of trees.

Pathways near Aspen Spring Estates in Calgary

Every day is a day in nature at Aspen Spring Estates

Local Tip: Invest in a good pair of practical shoes. Expect to feel great as you soak in the healthy lifestyle !

Immediately behind Aspen Spring Estates is a pond, park and reserve, and pathways head north and south from here.

Closer to 17th Ave SW and Aspen Landing, is the future Central Spring, an outdoor relaxation area, connected via pathways and green space. And across 85th, close to home, is an awesome trail that leads – **up** – behind the Summit of Montreux. A good route to help you stay fit and unwind!

2. Live near Calgary’s Best Schools


While it is possible to think of a few other naturally gorgeous communities in Calgary, Aspen Spring Estates hands down has the best access to Calgary’s top schools.

Three of Calgary’s best private schools are within a 5-minute drive – and every route takes you past a coffee shop. (How good is that?) Webber Academy, Rundle College and Calgary Academy are great private school options.

Showing how close Webber Academy and Calgary Academy are to Aspen Spring Estates

A short school run from Aspen Spring Estates to Webber Academy & Calgary Academy


The top private schools are complemented by excellent designated CBE and Catholic board schools. Holy Name School, a French immersion elementary school in the Catholic school board, ranked 6th out of all Calgary schools in the latest Fraser Institute report. For high school, there’s the well-regarded Ernest Manning High School and even Ambrose University, in the community.

Dyslexia YYC founder and Calgary Academy parent, Andree Hodge, says, “There are so many great schools in this area. My kids went to Calgary Academy and we loved it.”


3. The Best Shopping, Cafes & Recreation


Aspen Spring Estates is literally minutes from Aspen Landing Shopping Centre. It is known across Calgary for its chic village-style atmosphere. If you’re going to have ‘a local’, this should be it! Aspen Landing has more than 60 specialty stores, service providers, restaurants and cafes.

Jasmine , who owns Little Footprints children’s shoe store at Aspen Landing, says: “The shopping around here is great. We’ve been here 11 years. There are places where you can lounge around, find great restaurants and shop ‘til you drop.”

Aspen Landing Shopping Centre Pond

The view at Aspen Landing Shopping Centre

Speak to most regulars at Aspen Landing and the story’s the same. It’s not just a shopping centre, it’s a way of life. Thinking of you here Mary Ann Stallings (Aspen Landing GM) among others!

In a few years there’ll be the 10-acre Springbank Hill Market just across the road and closer to home. A future home to Calgary Co-op, an indoor food court, gym and other stores, expect Springbank Hill Market to increase the ‘fun’ factor in West Calgary.

Imagine skiing or snowboarding — or even mountain biking — just up the road and within the city limits? Visit Winsport /Canada Olympic Park for more recreation details, as well as Westside Recreation Centre. Climbing wall, anyone?


4. Top Quality Builders & Designer Homes


Designer Show Home West Calgary

Cedarglen Homes Loft Space in a 3-story home

Homes by Avi and Cedarglen Homes are respected Calgary builders – and they are our exclusive builder partners at Aspen Spring Estates. We’ll leave it to them to tell their own story: Visit Homes by Avi and Cedarglen Homes.

Estate Home Kitchen by Homes by Avi

Luxury Home Kitchen by Homes by Avi

But you can take their decision to partner in this Calgary SW community as a solid endorsement of Springbank Hill’s newest pocket community.

Stephen Dawe, of Homes by Avi says, “At Homes by Avi, when we think about the communities to plant roots in, we really put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. And we ask ourselves, what makes a community a great place to live?” That’s a check. Read on.


5. Easy Access & Close to Everything


If you decide to drag yourself away from Aspen Spring Estates (we can’t guarantee this will happen often), you’re close to everything you might want or need.

Road through Rocky Mountains

When you want a gorgeous day out Bragg Creek is close by and the mountains just an hour away.

In addition to the amenities listed above, the mountains are closer – an hour away, downtown is a quick 16-minute drive (hear the sighing in Toronto) and you’re close to 69th C-Train and the Calgary Ring Road, but also far enough away!

The airport is about 35 minutes drive and Bragg Creek is about the same.


6. Architectural Controls


Calgary Builder Plans

Architectural controls will protect home values at Aspen Spring Estates

Finally, your home and investment are protected by architectural controls. Aspen Spring Estates’ architectural guidelines detail important home features and landscaping details and will ensure an attractive streetscape in the community. Expect a cohesive and appealing community character.


We know this isn’t just a house purchase. You’re searching for the perfect family home in a neighbourhood that fits for you and your family.

But what more could you want in the perfect setting for your family’s story?

Allison Harvie of Cedarglen Homes summed it up succinctly: Who wouldn’t want to live in Aspen Spring Estates? With access to downtown, a quick commute to the mountains, schools, recreation facilities? This community has everything.”

Sales open this weekend.
Reach out to:

Homes by Avi:
Sandy Tregarthen

Cedarglen Homes
Kimberley Holstein and Megan Pangilinan

And for more information, visit our Aspen Spring Estates web page.

Or register here so you don’t miss any updates.

– Paula Beauchamp



Mortgage Rates and COVID-19 in 2022

What can we expect from COVID-19 and mortgage rates in 2022?

At Slokker Homes, we’re fortunate to have a mortgage professional on staff. Here, our very own Tanya Miedema sheds light on what we can expect in mortgages in 2022.

COVID-19 and high inflation will both impact mortgage rates in 2022 – each nudging the Bank of Canada in opposite directions, Mortgage and New Home Specialist Tanya Miedema says.

“Normally high inflation prompts the Bank of Canada to increase mortgage rates,” Tanya says. “But with COVID-19 still affecting all aspects of our daily lives, we are unlikely to see much movement in the short term.”



The new Omicron variant, which was identified in early December, looks set to play a significant role worldwide in 2022. This threat (and ensuing instability) will encourage the Bank of Canada to keep mortgage rates low through to at least mid 2022, Tanya predicts.

Use newspapers and online sources to research news on Covid and mortgages

Covid News: Keep an eye on news sources so you can quickly adapt to changes

As long as COVID-19 persists — and obviously there’s uncertainty around how long the pandemic will last — COVID-19 will continue to influence mortgage rates.

“Really, the only reason rates are at a record low, and have been for two years, is because of COVID-19,” she says.

For rates to go up, the pandemic needs to be significantly in retreat.

The economy needs to be functioning as it did before we’d ever heard the word Covid, and employment rates need to be at pre-Covid levels.

“I predict we will need to see a level of normality return to daily life before interest rates rise.” Watch for this and keep up with the latest news.

In its final scheduled announcement this year on benchmark policy rate, the Bank of Canada said it would keep the rate steady at 0.25 per cent, restating its forecast that rate increases are likely to begin some time in the middle of 2022.


That said, inflation is surging. It is now at its highest rate since 2003. “Inflation remains a significant concern,” Tanya says. “If inflation escalates and surpasses the Bank’s current projections, the Bank may feel compelled to increase interest rates, even as the pandemic drags on.”

Graph of Inflation Rising

Stay Informed: Watch what happens with inflation.

At that point we’d likely be seeing a lot of positive news about Canada’s continued economic recovery. “This is the kind of thing you should watch for,” she said.

The future of mortgage rates in 2022 will depend on how these factors — COVID-19 and inflation — unfold.

Banks often raise their standard rates before the Bank of Canada modifies its official rate — often in the lead-up to a Bank of Canada meeting.

The banks may anticipate the Bank of Canada’s decision because they believe the benchmark policy rate is set to rise.

With timing both tight and crucial to obtaining the best mortgage, it pays to stay informed and prepared.


Develop a relationship with an experienced and informed mortgage advisor and stay in touch. Let your mortgage advisor know what you want and need.

Get all the documents you need in advance and fill out the required paperwork. Have everything ready to go.

Couple Celebrating New Mortgage

Future-proofing: Remember what you’re working towards

Your mortgage specialist can then act proactively on your behalf, keeping you informed.

You’ll know when you need to act and how quickly  — for example, to secure a rate hold before rates rise.

When bond yields are up, banks often advise mortgage specialists that fixed mortgage rates are likely to change imminently. Advisors in turn can (and do) alert their clients.


Tanya says disorganization and hesitation can cost you thousands when it comes to a new mortgage, so act quickly when your broker calls.

Keep your eye on the prize. Remember what it is you want for your future and why you’re putting in the effort.

“Sometimes your mortgage broker is expecting a rate change within hours,” Tanya says. “So if you get the call to sign a document, do it straight away.”

And then?

Then you’re back to the age-old ‘fixed-versus-variable’ mortgage debate, which is admittedly easier to navigate. This decision is more a matter of personal preference. And both options have their advantages.

If you have any questions regarding your mortgage in 2022, reach out to:

Tanya Miedema
Axiom Mortgage
(403) 519-5491


Faiz Khaku
True Mortgage
(403) 615-4343



The Beautiful Bella Townhome

The Bella Townhome — our largest at Aspen Spring — backs onto an environmental reserve.
So you’ll feel close to nature, even when you’re relaxing inside your own home!

The Bella comes with a double attached garage, walk-out basement and the best location in Calgary.

See the three Bella floorplans and learn more here.

*Video represents artist’s impression


8 Top Reasons to Live in Aspen, Calgary


Some communities are described as a “best kept secret.” Aspen and Springbank Hill are NOT those communities. Mention Aspen to almost any Calgarian and they’ll start thinking about green space, walkable forested trails, clean fresh air and Aspen’s relaxed village atmosphere.

The barrier for Aspen — at least, until now — has been price. With the launch of Slokker Home’s Aspen Spring Village, prices are now lower than ever before.

Although Calgary’s most sought-after schools and best local shopping centre are found in Aspen, the area has much more to offer. We #loveyyc, and we think this is Calgary’s best part!


The relaxed village atmosphere in the west is not fleeting. It is situated almost 200 metres above downtown Calgary. And with an abundance of natural open space, Aspen seems a world away from the hustle of Calgary life.

Clean, wide open streets; pocket parks and playgrounds; casual cafes and meandering trails all add to Aspen’s relaxing ambience and charm. Take a deep breath. You’ll want to soak it in.


The Aspen / Springbank Hill area has gained a reputation as one of the most affluent communities in Calgary. But you can buy a home here for as little as $209k. With the launch of our Aspen Spring Village project in 2019, new condos start from $209k and new townhomes from $250k. The community backs onto a large green space and is walking distance to Aspen Landing, across 17th Ave SW.


Aspen Landing Pond

A GREAT PLACE TO CHILL: The pond at Aspen Landing

Aspen Landing is the area’s local shopping hub. There’s a number of grocery stores, a pharmacy, great restaurants and specialty shops. It backs onto a large lake and sitting area, just 400 metres from Aspen Spring Village. You can also shop (and go to the cinema) at West Hills, or further up 85th Street by West Springs.

Aspen Landing’s Allora Everyday Italian is one of the few restaurants in Calgary with a water view. Or try Belmont Diner (coming soon!), an all-day breakfast diner that’s been a fixture in Marda Loop for years. Ronmor’s Springbank Hill Market, just a few hundred metres from Aspen Spring Village, will bring more cafes and stores to the area, as well as a food court.


Green wedges, walkable trails and pocket parks are a well-known, local feature throughout Calgary’s west – from Strathcona Park to Aspen Woods. And Aspen Spring Village will follow that trend.

Backing onto its own environmental area and municipal reserve, this new community will feature a central recreation area and pond, and kilometres of paved walking trails.


It takes just 15 minutes to get downtown by car from the Springbank Hill and Aspen, Calgary area. While almost everything you might need can be found up the hill, downtown is close when you need it.

Most residents will proudly tell you they rarely leave the west on weekends – or, at least, try not to. “When we were considering a move to Aspen, we wanted life here to feel different, but we didn’t really expect it to,” said Leah, who moved into the area with her husband Tom and son Tyson in mid 2020. “And then, the reality was so much better than we’d hoped for. I feel the stress of the city just fall away as I drive up the hill towards home.”

Transit is also easy. There are is the CTrain Park and Ride at 69th Street Station, and bus connections further along 17th Ave and 85th Street.


Located in Calgary’s sought-after west, the Aspen area is less than half an hour’s drive to Bragg Creek, and the Bragg Creek Provincial Park. You can cross-country ski on groomed trails during winter, and hike and bike there in summer.

If you love getting away to K-Country and Banff National Park, the Aspen area offers one of the easiest commutes in Calgary.


In addition to all the biking and walking options throughout Aspen and surrounding communities, Canada Olympic Park – also in the west end — is just 10 minutes away by car. COP offers skiing, snowboarding, skating and hockey in winter, and mountain biking throughout summer.

WestSide Rec, also close by, has a lap pool and aquatic centre, fitness centre, climbing wall, hockey arena, cycle studio and skate park.


Last, the Aspen area is home to three of Calgary’s top private schools – Rundle College, Webber Academy and Calgary Academy. All are within walking distance of Aspen Spring Village. High-performing public schools – Ernest Manning High School and Griffith Woods School – are just minutes away.

Many amenities and features make Aspen Spring a special place to live. It is harder to quantify the effect that improved calm and connection have — just some of the unseen benefits of Aspen’s village-style atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? If it’s a total lifestyle change you’re looking for, this could be the best time.

And if you’ve always thought Aspen, Calgary out of reach, well think again.

Visit us at Aspen Landing, near COBS Bread. Or call (403) 968 0343 to learn more.



June 10 Update – We’ve Reopened! Visit Us Virtually (and by Appointment) During COVID-19

June 10 Update – We’ve Reopened!

We understand Covid-19 is challenging for everyone, and it is affecting each of us differently. Your health and safety – and the health and safety of our staff and community – is important to us. So we’ve introduced new ways to connect, and new ways to research and buy the perfect home at Aspen Spring.

Although our Discovery Centre is no longer open to walk-in traffic, we are available by appointment — and virtually, to make buying your home safer.

Virtual Buying at Aspen

Please tour our website and get in touch! We are available by phone, text, email, FaceTime, Whats App, Skype and Zoom to answer your questions. Choose the medium that suits you best.

And we can quickly arrange virtual appointments — also via FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom. Contact us from the comfort of your couch.

Let us know if you would like more information by email, including plans and options, to meet your needs.

We can also connect you with a mortgage specialist. And you can even sign off on your new home via email or DocuSign.

By Appointment

If you, or your realtor, would like an in-person appointment, we can organize a face-to-face meeting quickly at the Discovery Centre!

Please contact one of our area managers to discuss your timing and needs.

Only one group will visit our Discovery Centre at any time, and to safeguard your health, social distancing will be respected at all times.

Our Cleaning Process

Cleanliness has always been important to us!

We now sanitize and thoroughly wipe down door handles, handrails and light switches after each visit. We also have disposable gloves on hand.

Good Health and Personal Distance

When you make an in-person appointment with us, we will ask a few questions about your health, so we can time your visit to make it safe for everyone.

We are looking forward to helping you on your home-buying journey! Perhaps you’ve discovered you like working from home and realize you need or want a den? We have several town homes, with purpose-built dens.

With prices starting at $209k at Aspen Spring, and interest rates still exceptionally low, now is a great time to explore your options.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Stay safe!

Mi Jin & Tanya